WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station

I’m a fan of NPR and WBUR. It all started years ago when my brother would drive me back to college and have the radio tuned into 90.9 with Car Talk playing. Through the years, I’ve gotten sucked into all the other amazing programs and podcasts.

So, it just made perfect sense when I started working with the WBUR Membership team designing really cool stuff for listeners.

For our annual 26.2 hour spring marathon campaign, we’ve released new shirt designs for members who make a pledge toward our goal of $1+ million.

by LILLIAN LEE | Design & Illustration

2018 “Keep Democracy Running” ringer tee shirt

by LILLIAN LEE | Design & Illustration

2016 “WBUR Marathon” tee shirt

Super Bandana
Covered in WBUR branding elements and icons, this bandana made the rounds on social media with people sharing all the different ways it could be used – as scarves/capes for dogs, fashionable headbands, and…a matzoh cover.

by LILLIAN LEE | Design & Illustration


Tote Bags
We design eco totes as well as fashionable totes with brands like Baggu.

by LILLIAN LEE | Design & Illustration

2018 “Stand with the Facts” Baggu reusable tote bag

by LILLIAN LEE | Design & Illustration

2017 “Keep Democracy Running” eco tote bag


Coffee Label
I never thought I’d work on a coffee label, but here it is. It was clever of the team to play on the “Morning Edition” program and bring that into the flavor of this particular coffee. I really wanted to keep it simple & bold, utilizing the WBUR brand colors.

by LILLIAN LEE | Design & Illustration

2018 coffee label


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