WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station

I'm a fan of NPR and WBUR. It all started years ago when my brother would drive me back to college and have the radio tuned into 90.9 with Car Talk playing. Through the years, I've gotten sucked into all the other amazing programs and podcasts. So, it just made perfect sense when I started working with the WBUR Membership team designing ...

WBUR “Keep Democracy Running” Campaign

Designs for 90.9 WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station, to promote the 2017 marathon fundraising campaign "Keep Democracy Running." WBUR "Keep Democracy Running" custom package pattern WBUR "Keep Democracy Running" custom box WBUR "Keep Democracy Running" tee shirt WBUR "Keep Democracy Running" button WBUR "Keep Democracy Running" sticker

MimoPowerTube Power Bank Design & Branding for Mimoco

Worked on branding, product packaging, and character designs for MimoPowerTube power bank collection for Mimoco. MimoPowerTube logo design and window box packaging for Mimoco MimoPowerTube pattern for Mimoco Powersavers: Six Electric Flavors MimoPowerTube power bank design for Mimoco Ampburger MimoPowerTube power bank character design for Mimoco