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WBUR Membership Branding

WBUR Membership Branding

Since 2016, I have been working closely with the Membership team as well as the Development team to bring more cohesiveness to the WBUR brand with: print & collateral, web & digital, and the creation of a family of logos and wordmarks. Collateral & Print Logos & Branding   (WBUR, present)    

Nuwa Athletic Club Logo and Branding: Lillian Lee Art & Design

Nüwa Athletic Club Logo and Branding

Based in Boston, Nüwa Athletic Club provides an environment for Asian American girls and women to enhance their physical and emotional development through teamwork, sportsmanship and cultural activities which includes but is not limited to lion and dragon dance. design direction logo design & branding illustration print & digital promotional design web design social media marketing …

Mimoco: Lillian Lee Art & Design

Mimoco Branding

Mimoco’s mission is to deliver FUN & FUNctional products that keep fans connected to their always-on mobile lifestyles. original character designs licensed character designs logo design & branding packaging product design production apparel & accessories tradeshow & exhibition design promotional print & digital artwork e-mail marketing web design (2007-2015)

MimoPower by Mimoco | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

MimoPower by Mimoco

A product line of portable batteries called MimoPowerTube extending the pop culture-infused line of tech gadgets by Mimoco. original character designs worked with other artists to bring their designs to this product platform logo design & branding (color story, icons and patterns) window box packaging promotional print & digital artwork (2014) photography by Dan Urbano