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WBUR Membership Branding

WBUR Membership Branding

Since 2016, I have been working closely with the Membership team as well as the Development team to bring more cohesiveness to the WBUR brand with: print & collateral, web & digital, and the creation of a family of logos and wordmarks. Collateral & Print Logos & Branding   (WBUR, present)    

Mimoco Branding | Lillian Lee, Design & Illustration

Mimoco Branding

Mimoco’s mission is to deliver FUN & FUNctional products that keep fans connected to their always-on mobile lifestyles. original character designs licensed character designs logo design & branding packaging product design production apparel & accessories tradeshow & exhibition design promotional print & digital artwork e-mail marketing web design (2007-2015)

MimoPower by Mimoco | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

MimoPower by Mimoco

A product line of portable batteries called MimoPowerTube extending the pop culture-infused line of tech gadgets by Mimoco. original character designs worked with other artists to bring their designs to this product platform logo design & branding (color story, icons and patterns) window box packaging promotional print & digital artwork (2014) photography by Dan Urbano

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