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2020 WBUR Holiday Card | Lillian Lee Design & Illustration

WBUR Holiday Greeting Cards

For the past few years, I’ve been working closely with the WBUR development team on their holiday greeting cards thanking donors for their support. Each illustration project has been different stylistically but the themes of thanks, the fall season…and turkeys, for the most part, run throughout – I’ve gotten pretty good at drawing turkeys. “”New …

Care Emojis for WBUR, NPR...and Public Radio. Show You Care. | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Care Emojis for WBUR, NPR…Public Radio. Show You Care.

Who else has seen the memes on the new Facebook care emoji? Emoji holding boba, Netflix, money and beer among many other things. Well, I wanted to throw my own into the ring with some public radio-minded versions featuring WBUR, NPR and public radio in general. The new emoji was announced by Alexandru Voica, a …

Cars Donation Direct Mail for WBUR

Car Donation Direct Mail for WBUR

This is a direct mail piece that promotes a car donation program in support of WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station. I updated the design to give it a classic fall new england vibe – the added addition of “Boston” on the licensed plate was a nice touch. I didn’t want to feature any specific, real …

WBUR and NPR Public Radio Spotted in the Wild

WBUR and NPR Public Radio Spotted in the Wild

Currently, I work for WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station and whenever I hear either WBUR or NPR mentioned in the public funny sphere, it makes me smile. Here’s my latest round-up which I’ll be updating as often as I discover any mentions: 1. Bottle Boi on NYC Plastic Bag Ban haha – anyone catch Saturday …

Valentine's Flower Campaign for WBUR 2020

2020 Valentine’s Flower Campaign for WBUR

During the Valentine’s Flower campaign, listeners are asked to support WBUR by ordering Winston Flowers.  Design marketing initiatives included a 6×9 postcard piece of direct mail along with email newsletter web banners and digital posters featured at CitySpace, WBUR’s multimedia venue. At WBUR there’s no pay wall & no subscription fee. Everyone can listen, thanks …

New Logo and Identity for WBUR's BizLab, an incubator for innovation and experimentation in the public radio space

New Logo and Identity for WBUR’s BizLab, an incubator for innovation and experimentation in the public radio space

WBUR launched BizLab in 2015 to test and measure the effectiveness of different funding models for public radio. BizLab’s wordmark was refreshed recently to emphasize their leadership in driving innovation and experimentation to identify new revenue channels to sustain public radio into the future. A strong typeface and repositioning of the WBUR logo help to …

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