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Join Meetings with My Everyday Background | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Join Meetings with My Everyday Background

Here is my everyday background during my morning Zoom meetings. Of all the spots in our tiny apartment, this corner just happens to have the best lighting – cat tree with dangling mouse and special appearances by our cat Selina Meow-er. Check out my previous post about Zoom backgrounds where I document the fun ones …

Having fun with virtual backgrounds during Zoom meetings | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Having Fun with Virtual Backgrounds During Zoom Meetings

It’s been challenging to look for a blank, unoffensive backdrop for my Zoom meetings. But have no fear – Twitter is here to save the day. Do a quick search for “zoom backgrounds” and you’ll find everything and anything: from Pixar’s Up, Star Trek, John Wick to the meme-worthy. It’s definitely been helpful in hiding …

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