MAPC’s Arts & Culture and Public Health Creative COVID-19 Communications Launch

Creative COVID-19 Communications Launch

In 2021, MAPC’s Arts & Culture and Public Health teams partnered with local artists and designers to produce creative, culturally resonant communications about COVID-19 and vaccinations. MAPC hired nine artists and artist groups to create materials encouraging under-served communities to get vaccinated. As one of the nine artists, I chose the Cantonese/Hong Kong slang 加油! …

WBUR 2021 Spring Ad Campaign

WBUR 2021 Spring Ad Campaign

WBUR’s spring ad campaign launched on April 29th inspired by the lettering and headphone / earbud illustration art I’d originally created for the Membership team’s spring fundraising campaign. The campaign is multi-channel, appearing everywhere from highway billboards to news websites — via digital programmatic placements and core outlets like The Boston Globe. The campaign runs …

MAPC’s Arts & Culture and Public Health Creative COVID-19 Communications

MAPC’s Arts & Culture and Public Health Creative COVID-19 Communications Grant

Great news to share: I received a grant opportunity from Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to produce creative, culturally resonant communications about COVID-19 and vaccinations. It’s the perfect art opportunity fit considering the recent comic work I’ve been creating highlighting life during the pandemic and my interest in sharing vaccine information. I’m super excited and …

MA Vaccine website redesign | lillian lee art & design

MA Vaccine Website Redesign

It’s a well-known fact that the MA Vaccine website is failing in all aspects of usability and user experience which i astounding given the amount of talent in the region. But, without getting into an actual redesign (which I hope they are working on), could someone just add the one button that people are looking …

Happy Winter Solstice art by Lillian Lee aka Empty Bamboo Girl

Happy Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice Festival or Dōngzhì Festival, one of the most important Chinese and East Asian festivals celebrated. It’s a time for families to get together and a time to eat tang yuan (汤圆), aka glutinous rice balls. My personal favorite are the black sesame-filled ones, which is the only traditional Chinese dish …

This is How I Keep a Journal

I’m not the kind of person who can journal in a beautiful blank or lined notebook. The page feels overwhelming – as if I need to write something prolific and worthy of that page, which is why I have over a dozen empty ones stacked in my book case. Since blank notebooks don’t inspire me …

2020 WBUR Holiday Card | Lillian Lee Design & Illustration

WBUR Holiday Greeting Cards

For the past few years, I’ve been working closely with the WBUR development team on their holiday greeting cards thanking donors for their support. Each illustration project has been different stylistically but the themes of thanks, the fall season…and turkeys, for the most part, run throughout – I’ve gotten pretty good at drawing turkeys. “”New …

WBUR Airwaves Fall 2020, Lillian Lee Design & Illustration

Airwaves Magazine for WBUR

Airwaves is a quarterly magazine for WBUR members. It is an inside look at Boston’s NPR News Station. You can read the latest issue here. Past Issues Here are some of the past issues I’ve worked on: Airwaves, fall 2020 issue Airwaves, spring 2020 issue Airwaves, spring 2019 issue Airwaves, fall 2018 issue Airwaves, spring …

WBUR We've Got You Covered Face Mask | lillian lee, design & illustration

WBUR “We’ve Got You Covered” Face Mask

The WBUR face mask has been a wildly popular premium this season. It was truly a station-wide effort to bring the face mask to life. There were so many design concepts flying back and forth – well over a dozen designs – but they just didn’t resonate. And then, at the eleventh hour, an editor …

Join Meetings with My Everyday Background | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Join Meetings with My Everyday Background

Here is my everyday background during my morning Zoom meetings. Of all the spots in our tiny apartment, this corner just happens to have the best lighting – cat tree with dangling mouse and special appearances by our cat Selina Meow-er. Check out my previous post about Zoom backgrounds where I document the fun ones …

2020 Mother's Day Audio Card Campaign for WBUR | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

2020 Mother’s Day Audio Card Campaign for WBUR

WBUR celebrated Mother’s Day this year with something unique – a public radio audio card featuring heartwarming, sincere and funny messages from some of our favorite hosts from WBUR and NPR. Our annual Mother’s Day flower campaign was interrupted due to the pandemic. As we shared alternative ideas for contactless gifts, audio cards stood out …

Care Emojis for WBUR, NPR...and Public Radio. Show You Care. | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Care Emojis for WBUR, NPR…Public Radio. Show You Care.

Who else has seen the memes on the new Facebook care emoji? Emoji holding boba, Netflix, money and beer among many other things. Well, I wanted to throw my own into the ring with some public radio-minded versions featuring WBUR, NPR and public radio in general. The new emoji was announced by Alexandru Voica, a …

Having fun with virtual backgrounds during Zoom meetings | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Having Fun with Virtual Backgrounds During Zoom Meetings

It’s been challenging to look for a blank, unoffensive backdrop for my Zoom meetings. But have no fear – Twitter is here to save the day. Do a quick search for “zoom backgrounds” and you’ll find everything and anything: from Pixar’s Up, Star Trek, John Wick to the meme-worthy. It’s definitely been helpful in hiding …

"i cut my bangs" dad hat now available

“i cut my bangs” hats now available

During this stay-at-home / self-isolation order, you may develop the inclination to cut your hair or trim your bangs. Please, don’t – it’s never a good idea. But, if you choose to do it, I’ve got your back – “i cut my bangs” dad and knit hats. Available now at

Cars Donation Direct Mail for WBUR

Car Donation Direct Mail for WBUR

This is a direct mail piece that promotes a car donation program in support of WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station. I updated the design to give it a classic fall new england vibe – the added addition of “Boston” on the licensed plate was a nice touch. I didn’t want to feature any specific, real …

MassArt: The Journey So Far | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

MassArt: The Journey So Far

On March 26th four of my fellow MassArt Illustration alumni and I hopped on Google Meetup to speak with current seniors about our experiences after graduation. The Journey So Far panel talk & discussion was originally scheduled to take place on campus a couple weeks ago but was postponed due to covid-19. It was great …

WBUR and NPR Public Radio Spotted in the Wild

WBUR and NPR Public Radio Spotted in the Wild

Currently, I work for WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station and whenever I hear either WBUR or NPR mentioned in the public funny sphere, it makes me smile. Here’s my latest round-up which I’ll be updating as often as I discover any mentions: 1. Bottle Boi on NYC Plastic Bag Ban haha – anyone catch Saturday …

Images and Artworks in the Public Domain for Free Download | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Images and Artworks in the Public Domain for Free Download

Here are some resources of free media libraries and archives that I’ve pulled together available for use. 1. Art Institute of Chicago Explore thousands of artworks in the museum’s wide-ranging collection—from our world-renowned icons to lesser-known gems from every corner of the globe—as well as our books, writings, reference materials, and other resources. 2. …

Office Scents Candle Collection by LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Office Scents Candle Collection

What would your office smell like? McDonald’s just sold out of their yet-to-be-released Quarter-Pounder Candle Pack with scents like pickles, beef and cheese. Here’s my spoof with the office workplace: coffee, popcorn, microwaved fish and Clorox wipes. I used the Times New Roman font and an icon of an office phone to help drive the …

Simply Radishing Collection by LILLIAN LEE

New Simply Radishing Collection

My latest illustration and design is an ode to the daikon radish now on Redbubble. Featuring a little radish on baby & childrens’ clothing and a pattern for the stuff in your life, this will show the world your love of that delicious root vegetable – the daikon radish. View the full collection now on Redbubble!

Valentine's Flower Campaign for WBUR 2020

2020 Valentine’s Flower Campaign for WBUR

During the Valentine’s Flower campaign, listeners are asked to support WBUR by ordering Winston Flowers.  Design marketing initiatives included a 6×9 postcard piece of direct mail along with email newsletter web banners and digital posters featured at CitySpace, WBUR’s multimedia venue. At WBUR there’s no pay wall & no subscription fee. Everyone can listen, thanks …

McDonald's merch

13 Fast Food Chains Making Merch

See how some fast food chains are having fun while building out their brand to expand their fandom through graphic tees, hats, accessories and…a limited edition 11 herbs & spices firelog. It’s all quite fascinating. Let me know if there’s swag from a fast food chain I haven’t listed here. 1. Chipotle A collaboration with …

2019 WBUR Winter Pom Pom Hat by LILLIAN LEE, Art & Design

2019 WBUR Winter Pom Pom Hat

You can wear this retro-inspired winter knit hat to keep your head warm while you listen – and show your support – to independent news on WBUR. A three color winter hat in dark brown, yellow and white with a cute pom pom. WBUR lettering is stitched on both sides. You can pick one up …

WBUR Murrow Society logo

New wordmark for The Edward R. Murrow Society of WBUR

It was a great opportunity to re-design a logo I initially worked on. This iteration brings the branding more in line with the branding of WBUR. The color palette uses the organization’s yellow and black paired with a strong, clean typeface following an information hierarchy where the focus is on Murrow Society and then WBUR. …

API ART logo by Lillian Lee Art & Design

API Arts Network Logo

My latest logo project for the Asian Pacific Islander Arts Network which also included designing a flexible identity system and style guide. The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Arts Network is a volunteer-run and led grassroots collaboration of artistic and cultural producers, funders, presenters, and supporters, formed to increase visibility and diverse representation of APIs on …

Coffee. WBUR. Repeat. camper mug for WBUR by LILLIAN LEE

2019 WBUR Fall Campaign Branded Products

For the 2019 WBUR Fall campaign, I really wanted to create some special products that a Boston public radio listener would love and appreciate. From waking up in the morning and getting that first sip of coffee in from a light weight camper mug expressing what your priorities are to stowing groceries and whatnot in …

New Logo and Identity for WBUR's BizLab, an incubator for innovation and experimentation in the public radio space

New Logo and Identity for WBUR’s BizLab, an incubator for innovation and experimentation in the public radio space

WBUR launched BizLab in 2015 to test and measure the effectiveness of different funding models for public radio. BizLab’s wordmark was refreshed recently to emphasize their leadership in driving innovation and experimentation to identify new revenue channels to sustain public radio into the future. A strong typeface and repositioning of the WBUR logo help to …

Last Seen podcast: Lillian Lee Art & Design

“Last Seen” Podcast Album Art

WBUR and The Boston Globe joined forces in a true-crime podcast about the most valuable — and confounding — art heist in history: the theft of 13 irreplaceable artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. design direction wordmark (2019)

Retro Radio Lunchbox for WBUR by Lillian Lee Art & Design

Retro Radio Lunchbox for WBUR

For the WBUR fall campaign, one of the thank you gifts for our listeners that I designed was a retro radio tin lunchbox. I had a lot of fun working on this design – bringing in elements of NPR, WBUR and the station radio numbers. The “I ❤️Public Radio” sticker was a nice touch. It …

Nuwa Athletic Club Logo and Branding: Lillian Lee Art & Design

 Nüwa Athletic Club Logo and Branding

Based in Boston, Nüwa Athletic Club provides an environment for Asian American girls and women to enhance their physical and emotional development through teamwork, sportsmanship and cultural activities which includes but is not limited to lion and dragon dance. design direction logo design & branding illustration print & digital promotional design web design social media marketing (2017-present) …

Mimoco: Lillian Lee Art & Design

Mimoco Branding

Mimoco‘s mission is to deliver FUN & FUNctional products that keep fans connected to their always-on mobile lifestyles. original character designs licensed character designs logo design & branding packaging product design apparel & accessories tradeshow & exhibition design promotional print & digital artwork e-mail marketing web design (2007-2015)

Cognitoys Packaging: Lillian Lee Art & Design

CogniToys Packaging and Spot Illustrations

CogniToys are the world’s smartest smart toys. Using the Friendgine platform, CogniToys are able to engage children with real-time, speech-based communication to help them learn and grow. Named a Time Magazine Best Invention character illustrations instructional booklet box packaging (2016)

API's Can! Branding: Lillian Lee Art & Design

API’s Can! Branding

The mission of Asian and Pacific Islanders Civic Action Network (APIs CAN!) is to advance the interests of Massachusetts’ Asian and Pacific Islander American communities by promoting a shared agenda to further equity and oppose discrimination through year-round civic action.

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