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"i cut my bangs" dad hat now available

“i cut my bangs” hats now available

During this stay-at-home / self-isolation order, you may develop the inclination to cut your hair or trim your bangs. Please, don’t – it’s never a good idea. But, if you choose to do it, I’ve got your back – “i cut my bangs” dad and knit hats. Available now at

Simply Radishing Collection by LILLIAN LEE

New Simply Radishing Collection

My latest illustration and design is an ode to the daikon radish now on Redbubble. Featuring a little radish on baby & childrens’ clothing and a pattern for the stuff in your life, this will show the world your love of that delicious root vegetable – the daikon radish. View the full collection now on Redbubble!

Nuwa Athletic Club Logo and Branding: Lillian Lee Art & Design

 Nüwa Athletic Club Logo and Branding

Based in Boston, Nüwa Athletic Club provides an environment for Asian American girls and women to enhance their physical and emotional development through teamwork, sportsmanship and cultural activities which includes but is not limited to lion and dragon dance. design direction logo design & branding illustration print & digital promotional design web design social media marketing (2017-present) …

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