Here’s a running list of creatives who inspire me in the areas of graphic design, painting, illustration, comic/graphic novels, ceramics, jewelry and photography. Some I’ve had the fortune of being taught by and others I either weathered art school with or worked with professionally or just admire from afar.

Brooke Allen
Whimsical illustration.

Allison Bamcat
A contemporary artist with an affinity for confectionary and phantoms.

Lillian Chan
A Toronto based animation filmmaker & illustrator.

Janice Checchio

Aaron Draplin
Logo, branding and illustration. Also, Field Notes notebooks, journals and planners.

Christen Dute
Art direction and design.

Jenn Erickson
Maker, functional & sculptural ceramics.

Andy Fish
A noted comic book artist, illustrator and painter.

Veronica Fish
A comic book artist and painter.

Ryan Gilden
Graphic design and illustration.

Vashti Harrison
Author, illustrator and film maker

Kendyll Hillegas
An artist and illustrator based in Central, PA.

Vivian Ho
A Boston based artist, interested in painting and comics.

Katie Hovland
An art director and designer who resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Chris Johns
A visual designer.

Ay Joselito
Art director.

Michelle Kim
Wearable art.

kristilyn / @zombiromance
An illustrator & designer who likes to combine spooky with sweet.

Josh Lafayette
A multi-disciplinary commercial artist and creative mentor.

Stacey Lee
Covers, sequential art, illustration and graphic design.

Eva Loh
A Boston-based graphic designer and photographer.

Shaina Lu
A queer Taiwanese-American artist interested in the intersection of art, education, and activism.

Lauren May / Monster Tea Party
Lauren May, the human behind MTP. Illustrator from the Boston area.

Fish McGill
Drawer and designer.

Kathleen O’Hara
Fantasy illustrations and concept art.

Lisa Quinn
A graphic designer based in Upton, MA and owner of Dreamii shop.

John Roman
Specializing in illustrated maps, architectural and technical art.

Irena Roman
A contemporary watercolorist.

Nicole Rosano / Nikdreamer
Specializes in handcrafted gems and jewels using natural gemstones, crystals, charms, metals, and treasures collected.

Dan Szymanowski

Sophy Tuttle
Public murals.

Sean Tubridy
Graphic design and illustration.

Dan Urbano

Kehinde Wiley
Los Angeles native and New York based visual artist, who has firmly situated himself within art history’s portrait painting tradition.

Diana Zipeto
Artist and painter of folded paper paintings based in Lowell, MA.