MassArt: The Journey So Far

MassArt: The Journey So Far | LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

On March 26th four of my fellow MassArt Illustration alumni and I hopped on Google Meetup to speak with current seniors about our experiences after graduation. The Journey So Far panel talk & discussion was originally scheduled to take place on campus a couple weeks ago but was postponed due to covid-19.

It was great to share my zig zag experiences  with the students, but it was also great to “see” my former professors Irena Roman and John Roman as well as to learn about the different paths the other panelists have taken.

An interesting question Irena posed was” Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Honestly, I can’t really think even a week far out – even moreso given the current situation we’re all in. But, I did just have a simple goal and that was to continue creating art that I’m happy with without obsessing over whether it’s “good enough” or “perfect.”

I hope the students found something helpful in my talk.

If you want to check out my presentation (5MB pdf), click below. I included some links, especially in the Inspiration section:

MassArt: The Journey So Far presentation by LILLIAN LEE