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WBUR We've Got You Covered Face Mask | lillian lee, design & illustration

WBUR “We’ve Got You Covered” Face Mask

The WBUR face mask has been a wildly popular premium this season. It was truly a station-wide effort to bring the face mask to life. There were so many design concepts flying back and forth – well over a dozen designs – but they just didn’t resonate. And then, at the eleventh hour, an editor …

"i cut my bangs" dad hat now available

“i cut my bangs” hats now available

During this stay-at-home / self-isolation order, you may develop the inclination to cut your hair or trim your bangs. Please, don’t – it’s never a good idea. But, if you choose to do it, I’ve got your back – “i cut my bangs” dad and knit hats. Available now at

Office Scents Candle Collection by LILLIAN LEE Art & Design

Office Scents Candle Collection

What would your office smell like? McDonald’s just sold out of their yet-to-be-released Quarter-Pounder Candle Pack with scents like pickles, beef and cheese. Here’s my spoof with the office workplace: coffee, popcorn, microwaved fish and Clorox wipes. I used the Times New Roman font and an icon of an office phone to help drive the …

Simply Radishing Collection by LILLIAN LEE

New Simply Radishing Collection

My latest illustration and design is an ode to the daikon radish now on Redbubble. Featuring a little radish on baby & childrens’ clothing and a pattern for the stuff in your life, this will show the world your love of that delicious root vegetable – the daikon radish. View the full collection now on Redbubble!

2019 WBUR Winter Pom Pom Hat by LILLIAN LEE, Art & Design

2019 WBUR Winter Pom Pom Hat

You can wear this retro-inspired winter knit hat to keep your head warm while you listen – and show your support – to independent news on WBUR. A three color winter hat in dark brown, yellow and white with a cute pom pom. WBUR lettering is stitched on both sides. You can pick one up …

Coffee. WBUR. Repeat. camper mug for WBUR by LILLIAN LEE

2019 WBUR Fall Campaign Branded Products

For the 2019 WBUR Fall campaign, I really wanted to create some special products that a Boston public radio listener would love and appreciate. From waking up in the morning and getting that first sip of coffee in from a light weight camper mug expressing what your priorities are to stowing groceries and whatnot in …

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