WBUR Merch

These are love letters to the most dedicated listeners of a beloved public media organization with a reach of 7 million listeners weekly.

The merch and swag fosters strong connections between its members and the organization by investing in people, relationships & resources.


Inspired by the iconic “I <3 New York” design by Milton Glaser, these series of products attest to listeners’ pride in being well-informed citizens.

“I <3 WBUR” in its most classic format on a white mug.
Enamel pin was a pretty meta design concept. Public media organizations are all about that tote bag. What better way to riff on that than with a pin.
lunchbox design with a sneak peek of the “I <3 ” design evolution from public radio to the WBUR call letters.

Audio Gear

What describes an audio brand? Headphones and earbuds, but how do we make it special? Personalizing the artwork by having the wires spell out the WBUR call letters was a way to make that stronger connection.

These illustrations would end up being the foundation of a spring marketing campaign and used throughout the organization for a variety of needs.

WBUR Apparel, Accessories & Drinkware: 2021 Spring Collection
WBUR headphones tee shirt
WBUR Apparel, Accessories & Drinkware: 2021 Spring Collection
tangled earbuds tote bag expressed the audio brand but also how you wired earbuds end up in a nest at the bottom of your tote bag.


Showing off the listener’s public media spirit with these collegiate-inspired apparel and accessories.

WBUR Fall 2023 Baseball Tee
3/4 sleeve baseball tee
embroidered baseball cap

About WBUR
WBUR is Boston’s NPR. A public media leader committed to exceptional journalism on-air, online, on-demand and on stage. WBUR is best known as an exceptional audio brand, reaching 7 million listeners across the country each week.