• Audio Card Campaign for WBUR

    Audio Card Campaign for WBUR

    Overview A unique Mother’s Day campaign of a public radio audio card featuring heartwarming, sincere and funny messages from some of public media’s favorite hosts. Objectives The initial landing page featured only one call-to-action – “send card.” Website limitations initially made it challenging to include more than one. This first iteration brought the user to…

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Flower Campaign for WBUR

    2020 Valentine’s Flower Campaign for WBUR

    During the Valentine’s Flower campaign, listeners are asked to support WBUR by ordering Winston Flowers.  Design marketing initiatives included a 6×9 postcard piece of direct mail along with email newsletter web banners and digital posters featured at CitySpace, WBUR’s multimedia venue. At WBUR there’s no pay wall & no subscription fee. Everyone can listen, thanks…

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  • “Thank You for Listening” Postcard

    “Thank You for Listening” Postcard

    The design concept combines the ubiquitousness of Thank You for Shopping plastic bags with public radio’s love of canvas tote bags.

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